Kate Garner is a LA based, British photographer. Garner first came widely into the public eye as one third of the 1980s avant-garde, new wave pop project Haysi Fantayzee. From there she quickly launched a successful media arts career in photography, painting and video, working with artists such as Bowie, Bjork and Sinead O’Connor on imagery throughout the 90’s.

In the early 2000’s the art world started to recognise Garner’s talents with galleries such as The Lawrence Alkin Gallery, Riflemaker Gallery, The Painters Gallery, Galerie 13, Artcube, ZebraOne, Bank Robber and the Future Gallery showcasing her work. She has since had many successful solo shows throughout Europe and The Americas. She has shot for titles such as i-D, Harpers Bazaar, British and American Vogue and The Face Magazine to name a few.

  • Namalee by Kate Garner
  • Floating In Lake by Kate Garner
  • Girl Shadow and Dog by Kate Garner
  • White Dress and Wire Fence by Kate Garner
  • Red Bikini Bottoms by Kate Garner
  • Grace InSpace by Kate Garner
  • Milla Jovovich by Kate Garner
  • Red Dress In Water by Kate Garner
  • Grace In Black Forrest by Kate Garner
  • Rowdy Superstar by Kate Garner
  • Mila Jovovich by Kate Garner
  • Milla Jovovich by Kate Garner
  • Dress In The Garden by Kate Garner
  • Paperchains by Kate Garner
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